Alien Disintegrator

The Alien Disintegrator has a massive 100-module ammunition capacity, and deals far more damage than any human-made rifle that is not a Gauss weapon. However, it lacks the high accuracy of the Alien Blaster or Alien Atomizer and has a slower rate of fire.

A Disintegrator can fire 518 bolts, 5.18 reloads, before breaking.

dmg/attack: 65 (81.3)
DPS: 130 (162.5)
DPS (reload): 126.2 (157.8)
crit dmg: 50
crit chance: x 2
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 2
AP: 30
projectiles: 1
spread: 1
crit effect: Disintegration on death
Ammo & reloading
ammo type: Alien Power Module
ammo/shot: 1
ammo cap.: 100
shots/reload: 100
reload time: 1.5s
Requirements & perks
skill: Energy Weapons
perks (dam.): Xenotech Expert(+13) Bloody Mess(+3.3)
repair: Alien Disintegrator
item HP: 1000
weight: 7
value: 300