General Artyom Orlov

General Artyom Orlov, the Man of Steel, is the Marshal of Reborn Coalition of Soviet Nations.

Orlov carries a very successful military career on his back. The patriotic fervor of his youth, as well as his battlefield merits, soon earned him an officer position. With time, he more than proved his worth as a leader, and he rose to the position of general at a relatively young age. A series of successful campaigns against outlaws and mutants earned the respect of the whole country, and he eventually became the Marshal of the R.C.S.N.

His mandate has created some controversy among the general public and even his own generals. Orlov has changed some aspects of the Reborn Communist Doctrine in order to make the R.C.S.N. more viable in the current world, but this has been received with mixed feelings. However, his views have proven to be beneficial for the Coalition, and has made him more popular than ever.

Orlov is very dedicated to the R.C.S.N. and its people, and cannot be tempted with offers of personal gain. He also tends to digress in conversations, but he does deliberately to judge the reactions and views of his interlocutors, so one should not lower his guard when talking to him.

The Commander made an alliance with him after saving his life from the Bolsheviks.

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