Novus Imperium Romanum (the New Roman Empire) is an empire encompassing pre-War Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Jordan, and Israel, along with portions of pre-War Turkey and Syria. Its capital is Constantinople. Its current emperor is Alexius VI Palaiologos, continuing from the old Byzantine numbering.

History Edit

The NIR was founded by Konstantinos XII Palaiologos in 2144.

In 2150 it defeated the Peloponnesian League at the Battle of Sparta, forcing them to convert to Orthodox Christianity.

In 2178 the first contact with another sovereign nation, the Sultanate of Mesopotamia, was made.

In 2197 started the conquest of Italy.

In 2202 a triple agreement, the Treaty of Sevastopol is signed with the Reborn Coalition of Soviet Nations and the Sultanate of Mesopotamia.

In 2242 the NIR, honoring its defensive pact participated in the war against the Empire of Scandinavia at the sides of the R.C.S.N. and the Sultanate of Mesopotamia.

The year 2276 was marked by the the death late of emperor Basileios III Palaiologos and the crowning of his son Alexios VI Palaiologos.

Diplomacy Edit

Allies Edit

The Novus Imperium Romanum is allied with the R.C.S.N. and the Sultanate of Mesopotamia.[1]

Vassals Edit

The Novus Imperium Romanum has vassalized four of its neighbours : the Romanian Republic, the Kingdom of Albania, the Bulgar Khanate and the Kingdom of Macedonia.[1]

Enemies Edit

It has hostile relations with its other neighbors, the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, the Caliphate of Misr and the Confederated Emirates of Arabia.[1]

Economy Edit

The Novus Imperium Romanum has trade routes with the Republic of Formosa, the Commonwealth of Southeast Asia, the Republic of Ceylon, the Democratic Republic of Hubei, the Empire of Japan, the New Korean Republic and the Free Economic Zone of Hong Kong.[1]

References Edit

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