Elder Ragnar Irons has led a life of fighting for the Brotherhood of Steel, and has occupied his position as an Elder for so long that everyone has come to identify his chapter with him. He has devoted his life to two things: leading his chapter to glory and raising his son, Albert, to be worthy of his family name. During his commanding years, his chapter has gained immense power due to his brilliant leadership, and his son has ascended to the prestigious rank of Head Paladin.

However, not everything has gone well for him, as often too much success can be dangerous. The power he has earned in the Brotherhood is looked at with envy and discomfort by other Elders, who see him as a threat to their authority. At the same time, the fact that Albert became Head Paladin at such a young age has started whispers about nepotism in his very own stronghold by Paladins fearing he'll try to plant his son in the Elder's seat, no matter how unprepared he may be. However, no one dares to openly defy him, as he's not only powerful, but also efficient and keeps the settlements under his protection safe without extorting it's inhabitants. As the Western Brotherhood goes, he's not really that bad.

However, he has a personal obsession with technology and he cannot tolerate knowing of a piece of technology that he can't get his hands on. This shouldn't be surprising, coming from a Brotherhood Elder, but his case is a quite special one. His chapter is known for having accumulated far more technology than any other in the Brotherhood.

He's powerful, ruthless, and always gets what he wants. And now it looks like he has set his eyes on the Olympus.