Private Seamus Caitrìona McManus was the heavy weapons specialist of Artemis Team.

Biography Edit

He hails from Scottland, Arizona, much to the confusion of the Lone Wanderer, who believed he was referring to Scotland in Britain (Scottland, Arizona was a place like the Republic of Dave, named after the leader of the town). It did not help that he spoke with a stereotypical Scottish accent, had flaming red hair, and named his minigun Angus.

During Quests Edit

During the mission in the facility that would become Poseidonis, McManus was badly wounded and had to be healed by the Commander using a refined biogel.

Because of his injuries and the loss of his teammates, McManus was forced into early retirement. With the help of Commodore Harkin he opened up the Scottish-themed bar "The Jolly Bagpipe" in the Boulevard of the Four Graces in Poseidonis.

Gallery Edit

Pvt McManus Jolly Bagpipe

McManus in his retirement