TSC Valkyrie taking off from the Capital Wasteland

The Air force of the TSC is the second largest contributor to the designation of the TSC as one of the most powerful states on Earth. This is due entirely to the Theta-class Valkyrie Craft which is the primary vessel of the Air Force.

The Air Force is under the leadership of Wing Commander Mallore, and experienced Vertibird Pilot and the most capable Valkyrie pilot within the TSC.

At full strength, the Air Force consists of 34 Valkyrie assault craft and 13 Valkyrie cargo craft. Despite the seemingly low number of ships available, the speed and agility of the Valkyries ensures that they are nearly impossible to down with conventional fire that is encountered most often throughout the wastes. The Valkyries are also able to carry a larger number of troops or ammunition than any other aircraft currently in use. This superiority over other aircraft and its ability to cripple enemy supply lines without fear of damage or destruction ensures the Valkyrie's continued use as the primary craft of the TSC Air force.

While the bulk of the Air Force is stationed upon the Olympus, the TSC also maintains a small resupply station at Rivet City in the Capital Wasteland. This allows the TSC to maintain a presence of complete air superiority within the Capital Wasteland as well as providing instant air assistence to ground troops operating within the DC area.

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