The TSC is the greatest military power in the Capital Wasteland. The alien technology of the Olympus has provided the TSC with highly advanced weapons, such as the Alien Atomizer , the Alien Disintegrator and the XM-586 Assault Rifle.

The regular units of the TSC are composed of soldiers, heavy soldiers, sergeants, and officers.

The soldiers and heavy soldiers wear Marine Armor that consists of yellow

TSC Soldier

A TSC Soldier.

combat suit and an ammo vest with the TSC symbol. The soldiers' helmets are black and have the TSC’s symbol. Regular soldiers are armed with XM-586 Assault Rifles. Heavy soldiers are armed with heavy weapons such as Gatling Lasers and Gauss Rifles. All Soldiers carry a Laser Pistol as a sidearm.

The sergeants wear the same armor as the soldiers, but a black cap emblazoned with the TSC symbol instead of a helmet. Each is armed with an XM-586 Assault Rifle and a Scoped .44 Magnum as a secondary weapon.

The officers wear a black uniform with the symbol of TSC on the right breast. If they are high ranking officers, they wear a white star under the Sword. They wear the same black cap as the sergeants. They are armed with Alien Atomizers. {C}The Field Technicians constitute a separate unit, and wear black TSC radiation suits, a black suit with a purple glass visor and TSC symbol. They are armed with Alien Atomizers. They are adept in technology and hacking of terminals in the battlefield.

TSC Sargeant

A Sergeant.

{C}The Snipers are another support unit, armed with Sniper Rifles. They can become invisible when they sneak.

The TSC uses Alien Guardian Drones as its mechanized units, re-painted black by the TSC. Each is equipped with a moderately powerful Drone Cannon. They also use unarmed Support Drones.

The TSC Army cleared out the remains of the alien base that would one day become Poseidonis. The Army has recently acquired Hammer Head Armor, a pre-War prototype Soviet power armor that could give the TSC absolute ground superiority.
TSC Officer

An Officer without her cap.

Brigadier Karpov

Brigadier Karpov, a high ranked officer (star under the sword).

TSC Field Technician

A Field Technician.

The best soldiers of the TSC Army are handpicked to join the elite unit known as Thunderfist.


The soldiers' and the sergeants' uniforms can be retextured with an add-on by Zezia333.​

New armours, clothing, and reskins are also avalable in an add-on by Flamenx01