TSC Implants is a mod created by KnightOfOrder for Mothership Zeta Crew.

Description Edit

TSC Implants adds buyable perks at the Olympus Infirmary. There are six sets of implants with different effects and ranges which can be bought from the nurse :

  • The SP series boosts SPECIAL attributes by one point each
  • The M series improve your resistance to alcohol.
  • The PH series adds health regen
  • The R series enhances Rad Resistance.
  • The Cybernetic Implants act like the perks obtained in the Old World Blues DLC for Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The SX implant affects sneaking.

Perks Edit

Implant Effect Cost BaseID
Cybernetic Brain C-1 +15% addiction resistance, +1 INT. 10000 caps xx00d65b
Cybernetic Heart C-2 +50% poison resistance, 50% less chance for robots to score critical hits on you, healing effects from Stimpaks, TSC Serum and Refined Alien Biogel are doubled. 10000 caps xx00cbec
Cybernetic Spine C-3 +2 STR, +50 carryweight. 10000 caps xx00d664
Implant M-1 +50% Addiction Resistance and double Health bonus from Snack Foods. Alcoholic drinks also give you Health in addition to their normal effects. This perk has effect on TSC snack food and alcohol. 10000 caps xx00a29f
Implant M-2 No Intelligence penalties from drinking alcohol. 10000 caps xx00e0b1
Implant PH-1 Regenerate 1HP every 5 seconds. 10000 caps xx0045c1
Implant R-1 Regenerate health while having radiation sickness (2~8 hp/second depending on the poisoning level). 10000 caps xx006f30
Implant R-2 You gain a +1 bonus for all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats whenever you are in an irradiated area. 10000 caps xx00b751
Implant SP-1 +1 STR 5000 caps xx001247
Implant SP-2 +1 PER 5000 caps xx0045c5
Implant SP-3 +1 END 5000 caps xx0045d1
Implant SP-4 +1 CHA 5000 caps xx0045d4
Implant SP-5 +1 INT 5000 caps xx0045d7
Implant SP-6 +1 AGI 5000 caps xx0045da
Implant SP-7 +1 LCK 5000 caps xx0045dd
Implant SX-1 +2 PER while sneaking and immobile, Stealth Boy effects last twice longer. 10000 caps xx013d4b


  • 1.2 : Fixed typo, added Implant SX-1.
  • 1.1 : Corrected bugs with Implant SP-5, added Cybernetic Implants and 2 other Implants.
  • 1.0 : Initial release.

Links Edit

Download at NexusMods :