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One of the Seraphim at BIG MT

The founder of intelligence division is Schmidt.

This group under Archangel infiltrate enemy lines, acquire intelligence, stealthily remove threats, and establish ties to foreign leaders. They are, in short, the TSC's equivalent to Caesar's frumentarii.


There are two ranks in this division, Seraph and Archangel.

The current Archangel is Schmidt, the founder of the Seraphim.

Seraph is the title granted to agents of TSC Intelligence.

Notable QuotesEdit

"Resolve problems before they become problems." - Schmidt

"We won't be remembered." - Seraph Eligor

List of Known SeraphimEdit

  1. Seraph Eligor
  2. Seraph Valefor
  3. Seraph Mephisto
  4. Seraph Asmodeus
  5. Seraph Azael
  6. Seraph Abaddon
  7. Seraph Naamah