TSC Outposts



First Release

March 2nd, 2012

Current Release

June 25th, 2012

Current Version



4.2 mB

TSC Outposts is an addon created for Mothership Zeta Crew by Archer1. It allows the player to establish TSC bases in the Capital Wasteland by spending bottle caps.

Walkthrough Edit

The quest In Soviet Russia... as well as one specific vanilla quest per settlement (with the exception of the Republic of Dave) must be completed in order to open an outpost in said settlement. Each outpost invariably costs 50 bottle caps to build and is enabled or disabled at will by talking to Brigadier Karpov.

The prerequisites are as following :

Outpost Quest required
Big Town Big Trouble in Big Town
Canterbury Commons The Superhuman Gambit
Little Lamplight Picking up the trail
Republic of Dave None.
Washington Monument Galaxy News Radio (quest) and Broken Steel

Each camp has a tent with a terminal containing a field report written by the outpost's officer.

Notes Edit

  • The Washington Monument is conjointly defended by the Brotherhood of Steel and the TSC. Due to internal faction settings, this can lead to infighting when both are protecting the monument against the mutants, generally leaving the BOS members dead.

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