TSC Samurai is a community plugin created by Archer1 for Mothership Zeta Crew.

It allows to recruit Toshiro Kago, the samurai that helped to reconquer the Olympus as a follower.

Walkthrough Edit

Once the plugin is activated, the player needs to talk to Dr. Nadia on the topic about Toshiro she will mention a Japanese Translator and the player will be given a meeting with Toshiro, Nadia will then give the player the Japanese Translator in order to speak to Toshiro. Toshiro's sword will automatically be given to the player after this.

Upon arriving at the player's office, Toshiro will arrive in new samurai armor with a little more TSC touch to it and will have a light saber. Upon speaking to Toshiro, he is still confused about what is happening and will wonder if the player is a emperor or a shogun and what has become of his country along with his friends and family, however the player reassures him that they will get him up to date along with all the information about Japan found and translated for him as a reward for helping him along with Sally (Somah and Elliott if they survived) defend the bridge from the aliens. He then thanks the player and wishes to accompany him on his journey.

He can be re-recruited on the Olympus bridge and is disbandable at will.

Changelog Edit

1.0 : Initial release

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