Mothership Crew Weapon Addon TSC Version is a community mod created by Rylasasin and Flamenx01 for Mothership Zeta Crew

Mothership Crew Weapon Addon TSC Version


Rylasasin and Flamenx01

First Release

April 5th, 2013

Current Release

April 5th, 2013

Current Version



589 mB


Mothership Crew Weapon Addon adds several dozens weapons available at the Olympus Armory and in TSC Soldiers' leveled lists. The weapons are separated into three tiers representing their availaibility to soldiers :

  • Tier 1 weapons are in marines leveled lists
  • Tier 2 weapons are used by Thunderfirsts and Black Guards
  • Tier 3 weapons are used by Hammerhead troops only

Small GunsEdit

Name Tier BaseID
TSC CC21C8 Assault Shotgun 1 xx005a8a
TSC MAC21C9 Marine Assault Carbine 1 xx005a86
TSC MAC21C9 Marine Commando Carbine 1 xx005a87
TSC MAR21J9 Marine Assault Rifle 1 xx03a11d*
TSC MAR21J9F7SD Marine Commando Rifle 1 xx005a82
TSC MSA372 "Acolyte" Marine Side Arm 1 xx013d87
TSC MSA372 "Acolyte" Marine Side Arm (SI) 1 xx013d88
TSC SMGR21 Submachine Gun 1 xx005a8b
TSC SMGR21 Submachine Gun Suppressed 1 xx005a8c
TSC SR19SHD Anti-Material Rifle 1 xx005a83
TSC SR19SHDSSD Anti-Material Rifle HS 1 xx005a84
TSC VT-191 Alien "Murdelizer" Shotgun 2 xx00312b

Big GunsEdit

Name Tier BaseID
TSC - DI9000 BFG Commander Only xx0045d7
TSC Alien "Gatling" 2 xx00312c
TSC APAS521 Tesla Thrower 3 xx000ea7
TSC LSW19 Marine Light Support Weapon 1 xx005a88
TSC MG21C9 Marine Machine Gun 1 xx005a89

Energy WeaponsEdit

Name Tier BaseID
TSC CSA135 "Boreas" Sidearm 2 xx013d8b
TSC HB01 "T.H.O.R." PPC 3 xx0045cb
TSC HGL624 Rail Cannon 3 xx0045d2
TSC LRS02 Hybrid Gauss 2 xx001248
TSC MEGL2761 2

xx00989c (Float-Impact mode

xx0098a4 (Float-Impact mode, NPC only)

xx00989a (Long-Impact mode)

xx0098a9 (Long-Impact mode, NPC only)

xx00989b (Long-Timed mode)

xx00989e (Long-Timed mode, NPC only)

xx009899 (Short-Impact mode)

xx00989f (Short-Impact mode, NPC only)

xx00502c (Short-Timed mode)

xx0098ae (Short- Timed mode, NPC only)

TSC PPPP01 Personal Particle Projection Pistol 3 xx0045d4
TSC TFR-X Tactical Flamer Rifle 1 xx00124e
TSC TIR-X Tactical Incinerator Rifle 1 xx00124d
TSC-600A H.E.A.R. 2 xx0045c5
TSC-600ASW H.E.S.W 2 xx0045c6


  • The TSC MAR21J9 Marine Assault Rifle replaces the XM-586 Assault Rifle used in the core mod. This is also true for the official 2.0 version of the TSC New Vegas Mod.
  • The DI9000 BFG is a reference to DooM's BFG 9000.

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