The Terran Starship Command (TSC) is a military organization founded by the Lone Wanderer (The Player), the Supreme Commander, and Commodore Harkin, his/her second in command.

Their headquarters are at the Olympus, a mothership of an alien race who wanted to conquer Earth.

Their symbol is a winged down sword, that before was up, symbolizing the goal of conquering the skies, but the skies are of the TSC, the symbol was changed to a winged down sword, becoming a Sword of Damocles, symbolizing the fear of losing this great power.

The Supreme Commander is the TSC's leader, but he does not have absolute power. Power is divided amongst the members of the TSC High Council. Its current members are:

The Commander (Lone Wanderer): The Supreme Commander. His/her vote accounts for two votes. He is the highest official.

Commadore Harkin: Second in command. He acts as the commanding officer when the Lone Wanderer is absent.

Dr. Nylus: The TSC´s research leader and designer of weapons and armor. He is working on a project called Project Aegis, the goal of which is to create power armor for the TSC. He is obsessed with the Olympus' Ion Cannon. His assistant is a woman named Nam.

Dr. Nadia: A pacifistic idealistic woman, she is the the head of the TSC's Department of Biology. Her job in the Enclave was researching a cure for ghoulification and radiation poisoning, but she lost her confidence in the Enclave when they ordered her to create biological weapons. One of her inventions is a rudimentary translator for the aliens' language.

Brigadier Karpov: The leader of the TSC's ground forces, Karpov is a soldier with a patch over his left eye. He is the founder and Commander of the Thunderfist Unit, the TSC's elite force.

Wing Commander Mallore: A Vertibird pilot in the Enclave, this man is the Commander of the TSC's Air Force. He is obsessed with the Valkyries, alien gunships and transports, and he oversees the training of Vertibird pilots for the Valkryies.

Civilian Affairs Coordinator Tanaka: Ayumi Tanaka is the head of the TSC´s diplomatic corps and the youngest member of the TSC High Council. She is concerned with the wasteland inhabitants and wants to help them out.

Schmidt: Also known as Archangel, he is the head of the TSC’s Intelligence Network and the Seraphim, a team of elite spies and assassins.

The capital of the TSC is Poseidonis, an underwater city formed from the remains of an alien base that was cleared out by the forces of the TSC Army during Project Poseidonis.

The organization also has bases in settlements across the Capital Wasteland.

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