This is a news network for citizens of the TSC that live on the Olympus and Poseidenis. It provides news on the TSC and wasteland-related subjects. The network page is available at The Olympus Circular. It is run by Panzersharkcat, Athense aka Protector Crimson, Archer1, and RicardoRS1990 and will play music in between news. The Olympus Circular also hosts the Olympus Cubical, the TSC's finest parody news source, and TSC Dossiers, speculation on what is going on with the rest of the world written from the viewpoints of Seraphim.

Note on Canonity:

While the stories of the Olympus Circular strive to remain true to the canon laid down by Nylonathathep, they are ultimately considered only fan fiction. Readers of the Olympus Circular should in no way expect stories or factions mentioned by the Olympus Circular, such as the Talon War or Novus Imperium Romanum, to actually appear or even be mentioned by the main mod. The Olympus Cubical should definitely not be taken seriously, as it is a parody newspaper along the lines of The Onion or Duffel Blog.