This pages gathers all the guidelines to help fellow contributors to focus on what the wiki needs at a given moment and help anyone willing to contribute to get started.

Statement of intent Edit

  • This wiki documents informations related to the Terran Starship Command mod series created by Nylonathathep for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, and their community-driven content (mods, fanfictions, etc..) This wiki is open to anyone willing to contribute !

General guidelines and tips Edit

  • In general this wiki tries to be as close in quality as Nukapedia. It uses some templates, article organizations and phrasing common to both, and linking to it is encouraged when you reference vanilla content
  • This wiki uses infobox templates that mirror Nukapedia for the sake of readibility and standardization. If a new infobox needs to be created, please mimic it as close as possible from Nukapedia.

Regarding "community content" Edit

  • For documentational purposes, this wiki documents community-created content (such as plugins, fanfictions, original art, etc.) However no original content should be published on this wiki as a primary hosting service (this excludes mirrors for the sake of archival), and pages related to a specific creation should always link to it. (aka don't dump your fanfiction here)

Thanks for respecting this set of guidelines. They are what keep the wiki clear and uncluttered.

Roadmap Edit

Here are what needs to be done in priority. This list is hierarchized but by no means exclusive. Every edit helps !

Here are the parts of the wiki that needs more love :

  1. The mod list needs to be completed and maintained. All the mod pages using the old infobox (the one with grey text on a white background) should be changed to use the new template named MZC/TSCV Addon Template
  2. The wiki need to provide information on the quests and give a detailed walkthrough for each. The pages need to be created. It would be great to document them the same way Nukapedia does.
  3. Pictures. Pages need galleries, so feel free to take your screenshots and upload them !
  4. The "Community mod" tag is deprecated in favor of mod-specific tags (either "MZC mod" or "TSC:V mod" feel free to correct it if you see tags using the old label ;)